About Us


Phina Livewell Solutions, Inc. (PLSI) is one of the fastest growing and innovative personal care companies carrying its passion to new heights to make people look and feel more beautiful, happy and confident with themselves.

What it certainly provides are quality proven and highly effective and competitive products that have surely charmed, delighted and transformed countless personal lives.

With its global marketing reach, expertise and track record, PSLI's wide selection of unique product lines will continue to cater to wellness and beauty enthusiasts. 

To be the company that best understands beauty, empowerment, and is trusted globally to create a legacy of health and wellness. 


We are a fast growing Personal care and Wellness company that shall be known for quality, innovative products derived from extensive research, to improve the well-being of our consumers. We shall do this through:

  • Encouraging others to be well and live well
  • Promote beauty, inside and out
  • Produce quality and affordable personal care products


GOODWILL - True friendships and long term relationships sustain us

RADIANCE - The radiance in our customers’ face is our motivation to excel

ENERGY - The beauty within is our life force, our main selling point

AUDACITY - Constancy of purpose and the perseverance to pursue this unleash the entrepreneurial spirit in our associates

TRUST - Word of honor is our most potent resource. Our honesty and sincerity make us the preferred personal care brand